Dragon T-34/85 Mod.1944

This 1/35 scale kit made by Tamiya is of a Russian T34/85 tank. The tank is painted in a winter white washed scheme and is set on a snowy base.
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F-16 Fighting Falcon Thunderbirds Eggplane

This Eggplane kit made by Hasegawa and replicates a F16 Jet in the shape of an egg! For fun I have set it on a base in the that looks like a fried egg!


Hi, you have found my place on the web. 

I enjoy building plastic model kits and in here you will find all of my models that I have built so far, just head to the model section to check them out.
I also have other interests from military history, MotoGP bike racing to sight seeing and you can also find photographs that I have taken about these subjects. You can find them in my Events sections.
Please be patient this site is new and I am adding more content as quickly as possible.

Recent Model Posts

S.A.F.S type R Raccoon

This 1/20 scale kit made by Wave is of a S.A.F.S Type R Raccon from the Maschinen Krieger francise. This reconnaissance ‘Fighting Suit’ is set on a small vignette of tarmac and grass.

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WW1 Mark I Male Tank

This 1/76 scale kit made by Airfix is of the British WWI Mark I Male tank. The kit was built with no extras and it was my first model I painted with an airbrush.

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Ford Shelby Mustang GT500

This 1/12 scale kit made by Revell is of a 2010 Ford Shelby Mustang GT500. I have added LED lights to kit which are controlled by Infrared remote control and painted a version of the US flag on the bonnet.

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Recent Events Posts

Tankfest 2018

Tankfest is held at the Tank Museum , Bovington in the UK. A festival of historic and modern armoured vehicles with a day of live demonstrations. Here is a small collection of my photos and videos from the arena display.

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