Kit Number: 0203220
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Scale: 1/12
Length: 80mm
Parts: 180 (including R2D2)


AK interactive:
White Primer,
Extreme Metal Gun Metal,
Mr Hobby: 
H24 orange Yellow



BB8 is a astromech droid from the Sci-fi Star Wars universe. It first appeared in the 2015 film Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens. BB8 is viewed as a good droid as it belongs to one of the main Resistance characters in the film Poe Dameron. 

The Kit,

Bandai have the license to manufacturer Star Wars model kits for the Asia market. As their license does not include European countries you have to purchase these kits via an importer or direct from Asia.

The Bandai Star Wars models are a snap fit style of kit and so they can be put together without glue. For the droids markings there is a choice of either using decals or stickers. Also all the plastic parts are manufactured in their correct colours so you could in theory make the kit without using glue or paint.

The Build,

Of course when I built the kit I used my normal model techniques of using glue and paint. Even though the box includes R2D2 at this moment in time I haven’t made it yet. The kit was a nice simple build and it gave me the chance to make my first ever time lapse build video.

The droid is only made up of 3 colours White, Metallic Grey & Orange. I was able to get away with painting the white parts using AK Interactive White Primer. For the Grey and orange parts I used  AK Interactive Extreme Metal Gun Metal & Mr Hobby H24 orange Yellow.

To give it a grimy used looked I added some weathering using Flory models Dark wash, black oil paint and Mig Ammo Engine grime Wash.


Summing this build is easy it was simple, fun and quirky. I cannot fault any of the Bandai kits I have made and I would highly recommend them to build.