F-16 Fighting Falcon Thunderbirds Eggplane



Mr Hobby H001 White

Kit Extras:


The F16 ‘Fighting Falcon’ is an American single engined Multirole jet fighter aircraft. Designed by General Dynamics Lockheed Martin it first flew in 1974 and while the U.S.A.F no longer purchase the F16 its current variant is still being exported to a number of countries worldwide. The Thunderbirds are the U.S.A.F air demonstration squadron based at Nellis Air Force Base and they have been using the F16 as their demonstration aircraft since 1983. 

Japanese kit manufacturer Hasegawa have produced a model range of ‘Eggplanes’. These kits are small though well detailed recreations of different aircraft that are ‘egg-shaped’. These kits are a quick and easy build and a fun project.

There are no detailing options available for the ‘Eggplanes’ I built the kit straight out of the box. I used Mr Hobby White gloss paint as the base colour and then applied the kit decals on top.

As the U.S.A.F Thunderbirds are a demonstration squadron all their aircraft is in a clean and spotless condition so I did not use any weathering in this build .

The style of the kit inspired me to create a base of a fried egg to present it on. The base was made from small piece of wood on which I shaped some plaster to look like it was a fried egg. I used a cut down bicycle spoke stuck into the base to attach the plane to the base which I hid using some toy filing material shaped to look like afterburner flame. The base was painted with various off white and orange paints to give it that fried egg look.

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