Mk.A Whippet British Medium Tank



Mig Ammo 074 Green Moss

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This Meng kit is the Mk.A Whippet British Medium Tank which saw service during WWI. When the first tank was introduced by Britain during WWI it was a heavy tank which had very thick armour and due to its size, weight and its role of keeping up with the infantry it was very slow. The British army felt it needed a quicker tank so the Whippet medium tank was designed which was twice as fast as the Heavy tanks to give it the speed to break out of the trenches into the rear of the enemy lines. It first saw service in Dec 1917 and was later used in the Russian civil war of 1919 and 6 were sold to Japan to create their first tank battalion. The Whippets were quick abandoned after  WWI and there are only 5 surviving in museums around the world.

The whippet had a crew of 3 and powered by 2x 45hp petrol engines. While having no main gun instead it was equipped with 4x Hotchkiss machinethe  guns.

This was my first kit based from WW1 which isn’t an era that I usually have much of an interest in. Having previously enjoyed building a Meng kit I was looking through their other offerings and I thought that this was an interesting subject to make. The kit itself was a nice and easy build taking me about a week to put it together, around the same time to paint and a further 8 days to weather it. With it being set during WWI this gave me a chance to get ‘dirty’ with it and go for a muddy weathered look to it .

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