Repsol Honda RC213V ’14 Marc Marquez


Kit Number: 14130
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Scale: 1/12
Length: 173mm
Parts: 144


Zero paints:
Repsol Honda RC213V ZP-1340,
Chrome, Titanium Silver paint,


1/12 Honda RC213V ’14 Front Fork Set 12667,
Top Studio:
Foot pegs TD23172,
Exhaust tips TD23174,
Exhaust springs TD23019,
Assorted detail MotoGP PE set TD23027

Honda has used the RC213V since 2012 as its factory entry for the MotoGP class. Since they introduced the RC213V it has won the MotoGP class title five times with rider Marc Marquez. Powered by a four-stroke V4 1.0l engine, it can reach a top speed of over 200mph.

Marc Marquez was born in Catalonia, Spain, and he won the 125cc world Championship in 2010, aged 17. He moved into Moto 2 in 2011 and won the title in 2012. The subsequent year he went onto MotoGP and won the championship in 2013,2014,2016, 2017 and 2018.

The Kit,

Tamiya released the Repsol Honda RC213V kit in 2016. The box contains two white sprues and one in silver representing engine and chassis parts. The cowling sections attach to the kit with small screws and a magnetic screwdriver is included.

The Tamiya fork detail set replaces the original plastic front forks with pre-coloured aluminium ones. Additionally there is a replacement pre-painted rear suspension spring in yellow.

I prefer to use replacement aluminum exhaust ends over the ones supplied in the kit as they look realistic and it needs no cleanup.

The Build,

I built this kit at the same time as I made the 2015 Marc VDS liveried version. Therefore the only difference between them was the painting and decals.

Zero paints produced a colouredmatched set of five paints for this kit. Besides the Repsol Fluorescent Orange and Red the set includes Semi-Gloss Black, Metallic Silver and White.

On the decal sheet there is an option to have some decals on white or clear backgrounds and I used the ones with the clear. Even though the kit contains no carbon fibre decals I have several generic pattern sheets which I used on the build.


This was my fourth MotoGP model I have built and my second Honda RC213V. It would be great if Tamiya would release more of these as they are excellent kits. Also, there are plenty of detailing sets and extras available for these models to give you a wide range of options for each build.

I can highly recommend this kit.