S.A.F.S type R Raccoon


Kit Number: MK-015


Scale: 1/20
Length: 120mm


Mr Hobby/Gunze:



I believe the Maschinen Krieger Universe was originally created by Kow Yokoyama in the 1980’s. Kow Yokoyama is a Japanese model maker, sculptor and artist.

Between 1982- 85 a photo-based story SF3D was published monthly in the Hobby Japan Magazine. Each month the story was illustrated using scratch built models set on real photographic backgrounds. It was set in the 29th century around a war between Earth and the moon.

Unfortunately a legal dispute between Kow Yokoyama and Hobby Japan Magazine in 1986 brought an end to SF3D.

This Raccoon is a reconnaissance variant Super Armour Fighting Suit.

The Kit,

Originally model kits from the MK.A universe were manufactured by the Japanese firm Nitto. However, over the years other companies such as Hasegawa and Wave have sold kits in limited runs.

Wave released this kit in 2013, however, it is now discontinued. This is a snap fit type kit so in theory does not require glue to put it together. Poly caps are used on joints and this makes it fully moveable and posable. 

The Build,

The build itself was quite easy with no major issues, though all the instructions are in Japanese! Due to the snap fit nature of the kit I found that there were to lots of small gaps between parts and they required filing. The kit has either a male or female head available, though the instructions calls for the female head. However, after painting the female head it did not go well so I ended up using the male one instead!

I chose to use Gunze paints for painting the body armour replicating the paint scheme in the instructions.

Due to SciFi having no real world rules for weathering anything goes. As a result my aim was to give the build a reasonably grimy look to it. Consequently I used various AK & Mig Ammo enamel washes as well as Flory Model Clay washes.

Having recently purchased a bottle of AK interactive Asphalt Terrain I thought there was no reason not to create a small tarmac Vignette to use it on. For this I used a square of blue polystyrene on to which I put the asphalt terrain. Near one edge I airbrushed on a line of White paint and then added some Static grass. Finally I added a little weathering with various pigment and leaves.


I am a big Sci-Fi fan and when this came up for sale it really appealed to me. I purchased it from a SciFi modeller who had an excess of MK.A kits which he did not require any more.

Overall I am very pleased with the finished model and while I am happy with the base I am still not sure that it goes with the subject.