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Mig Ammo:019 Russian Green
Tamiya XF-2 Matt White



This 1/35 scale kit is made by Chinese manufacturer Dragon is of the Russian T34/85 medium tank. The model is painted with a winter camouflage white wash and set on a winter vignette.

Russia required an upgrade to its 76mm gunned T34 medium tank to counter the improving German armour from 1943. Shortly afterwards the 85mm barrelled T34 was born. Improvements included a new 3 man larger turret with improved armour. Additionally having a extra crewman and moving the radio allowed the Tank commander to fully command the tank. In total 49,000 T34/85 were built and it saw active service in the Russian Army until the mid 1960’s.

As a result of reading the excellent book Stalingrad by Antony Beever I gained the inspiration to finally build my Dragon T34. For 10 months I had intended to build a snow vignette incorporating the T34 but I had again lost my mojo for the hobby. However the book had piqued my interest in the Russian front and my building juices were rekindled.

Released by Dragon in 2007 the kit is a premium edition which represents a late 1944 version. Containing extra detailing the kit includes a metal barrel, brass 85mm rounds and a large Photo-etch fret. With 232 plastic parts and Magic Tracks to clean up and glue this was quite a busy build.

After it was built the model was painted with a base colour of Mig Ammo Russian Green. Over this the winter camo was produced using AK Interactive chipping fluid and Tamiya Matt White. As a first attempt I am fairly pleased with the results. Frustrating at times, but with practice I am positive I will improve the finish on future builds.

For the base another new product to try, AK interactive Snow Terrain and Sprinkles. Recommended is the tutorial video that AK have made for this product. Using a knife blue Styrofoam was shaped to represent a road. Afterwards AK Muddy ground Terrain and clumps of dead static grass were added to the base. Next stage is applying the snow products which was also added to the lower half of the model.

Probably one of my favourite models that I have made. I am pleased to say that there was nothing too problematic to report during the build. Though the Dragon instructions can be a little infuriating! Certainly not perfect but I am pleased with the overall look of the whole scene.

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