World War Toons Panzer III


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AK Interactive Real Colors:
RC0057 Dunkelgrau



The Panzer III medium tank was designed by Daimler Benz for the German Army in the mid 1930’s. The Panzer I & II started the war as the German Army main tanks.  However, it did not take long before the superior Panzer III overtook them. To begin with its main role was as a battle tank though as the war progressed it was converted to infantry support. Even though it had become obsolete by the end of the 1943 the chassis were reused and turned into the Stug III assault gun.

World War Toons was a Playstation VR game created by Studio Roqovan  in 2016. With cartoon styled graphics it was a multiplayer first-person shooter based in World War II. Unfortunately in 2018 the studio announced that it was shutting and all work on the game stopped.

Meng started to produce small snap fit kits in 2017 based the tanks used in World War Toons. Primarily a beginners kit and while it is basic in nature it has reasonable detail, though not entirely accurate!

After another break from my modelling I decided it was time to begin again. I intended to build a Tamiya Panzer III in German Grey with the recently released AK Real Color paint. Fearing that the colour would be hard to get correct it was with this in mind I brought this kit to try it out on. Not to mention at £10 it was bargain and a great way to get my mojo going.

As I have said a simple kit with no build issues. On the positive side the AK Real color paint had a great finish, on the negative side I found it was not especially easy to use. To begin with I did not get my thinner to paint ratio correct. However, over time I have found a happy medium. Furthermore I have begun to use the AK Real Color paints on other builds.

Unquestionably German Grey has been the hardest colour I have found to work with. Not only can you use pre and post shading but also washes and filters to try for a realistic look to the paint. However, with very dark colours I have found it hard to get the shading to work correctly. I am not overly happy with the result, but as a first attempt it could have been worse.

It was never my intention to go for the realistic look to the build. As can be seen, I did give it a small amount of weathering. Also It had been a while since I had used my pigments. I applied a mixture of Vallejo Natural Earth, European Earth and Mig Ammo European Earth pigments. In any event I did not spend a lot of time on the weathering, as you can see!

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