WWII Wehrmacht Tank Crewman Afrika Korps



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In the Early years of WWII, the North African campaign was initially fought by just the Italian Army. However, by the end of 1940 the Italians began to suffer a number of heavy defeats. With the prospect of the Italians being defeated Hitler sent in a German expeditionary force into Libya to help out in February 1941. Under the command of General Erwin Rommel, the Africa Korps fought the Allies until they were defeated and eventually surrendered in May 1943. 

Tamiya have a range of 1/16 military figures which are approx. 120mm tall. At this scale the figure has reasonably good detail for the clothing and equipment though the face detail is ok.. ish! Out of the 16 figures available in the range I chose to build the WWII Africa Korps tank crewman and it does come with a plastic base and accessories like binoculars, hats and canteens.

This was my first attempt at a making a model figure and it uses different painting techniques from the other models that I have built. With painting figures it is more about brush painting and blending layers rather than using an airbrush. While the kit didn’t have too many parts in the box and while the general fit was ok the legs were an issue and they needed a fair amount of filing. While I did use a couple of the kit decals, Ribbon and arm label, I hand painted the rest especially the shoulder epaulettes as the decals just didn’t look right.

No Weathering was required for this build.

Even though the kit did supply a base with a cactus and while it was shaped and textured it did just look like what it was… a piece of plastic. So, I created a small vignette to display the figure on. It was simple to make I took a small square of wood painted with a sand coloured paint and glued on, using scenic cement, various sized gravel and stone.

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