WWII Wehrmacht Tank Crewman Afrika Korps


Kit Number: 36310
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Scale: 1/16
Height: 113mm
Parts: 51


Vallejo Model Air



At the beginning of WWII the North African campaign was fought by just the Italian Army for the Axis powers. However, by the end of 1940 they had began to suffer a number of heavy defeats. With the prospect of an ally being defeated Hitler sent in a German expeditionary force to bolster the Italians.

In Feb 1941 the Afrika Korps entered the North African campaign under the command of General Erwin Rommel. They campaigned until May 1943 when they were ultimately defeated and surrendered. 

The Kit,

Tamiya have 16 kits available in their range of 1/16 World figure Series.  I chose the WWII Africa Korps tank crewman to build as I felt the desert uniform colour would be easier to achieve. Additionally it also comes with a plastic base and accessories like binoculars, hats and canteens. The model has reasonable detail though, in my view, the face is a little unrealistic.

The Build,

The kit is fairly simple and does not contain to many parts. The general fit was ok, however, the legs were an issue and they needed a fair amount of filing. I used the kit decals for the medal ribbon, arm label, Luftwaffe and collar badges. However, the shoulder epaulettes and cap decals didn’t look right so I hand painted them instead.

The kit box does contain a base with a cactus to be added to it. While they have some shape and texture they do look like what they are a piece of plastic! Instead I made a small vignette to display the figure on. It was simple to make I took a small square of wood painted it with a sand coloured paint. I then glued on, using scenic cement, various sized gravel and stone.


This is my first attempt at a making a model figure. It uses different painting techniques from the other models that I have built so far. For example rather than using an airbrush it was brush painting and blending in layers. I am pleased with the final result though I am still not convinced about the face!